Post-Doctoral Scholar

Meghna is originally from India and earned her PhD in Biological Sciences from CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology. The focus of her research was understanding the cardiac development and disease using the tiny, beautiful model zebrafish. After my PhD she worked as a Research Scientist at University of Washington,  maintaining a xenopus facility,  managing a lab and worked on developing an inducible CRISPR system to understand Spinal cord regeneration in Xenopus tropicalis. After a two-year maternity break ,  she returned to do post-doctoral research focus on understanding the role of chromatin modifier genes in neurodevelopment. In my free time I like to try and cook new things, go on hikes, and enjoy with my family.




Graduate Student, Human Genetics; co-mentored with Keri Backus

A true Texan, Maria grew up in El Paso, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin where she studied nutritional science and conducted research connecting gene regulation to lifestyle choices. Maria is passionate about personalized medicine and excited to develop tools to connect genomic information in public databases with information relevant for chemical proteomic experiments.  Outside of lab, Maria enjoys mountain biking and taking her rabbit to the beach.



Rotation Graduate Student, Genetics and Genomic

Leroy graduated from the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, and moved to Los Angeles to study genetics and genomics. He is interested in understanding how different types and levels of biological information interact. In his free time when not studying, he visits art museums and tries to keep his plants alive.  



MSTP (MD/PhD student, MD 2)

Alex is a student in the UCLA-Caltech Medical Scientist Training Program with research interests in computational genomics and infectious diseases with high burden in low resource areas. He studied biochemistry and mathematics at the University of Massachusetts Boston before migrating to warmer climates, and now enjoys playing soccer year round and getting pummeled by the ocean as he learns to surf. 


Albert Chan

Staff Research Associate

Albert graduated from the University of Hawaii, moved to Los Angeles for opportunities in biomedical research. He previously worked in a biotech startup and transitioned to academia to prepare myself for graduate school. While in lab, I perform a variety of molecular biology experiments and am learning programming languages outside the lab to analyze larger data sets.


Kathryn Elliot

Staff Research Associate

Kate is originally from the Bay Area, but opted to move to Los Angeles for her undergraduate years in hopes of finding yer round sunshine. She is currently a fourth year at UCLA studying Human Biology and Society. Kate is particularly interested in uncovering the genetic underpinnings of human disease, and she is excited to pursue a graduate degree in Human Genetics after college. Kate enjoys volunteering with Teach at UCLA and the Pediatric AIDS Coalition. She is also a passionate Bay Area sports fan, coffee connoisseur, and amateur artist.


Megan Yabumoto

Undergraduate Researcher

I am a second-year undergraduate student studying Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology at UCLA. I am interested in the field of human genetics and strive to integrate my knowledge and organizational skills in the laboratory setting. As a research assistant, I am currently developing my technical skills by executing research projects.

Michelle Nguyen

Undergraduate Researcher

I am a second year Biology major. My hobbies include drawing, cooking/baking, practicing wushu and trying delicious foods (especially desserts and Japanese food)! I grew up in San Jose, CA with my parents and twin sister, and I hope to eventually attend dental school and open up my own practice.


DSC_0514 (2).JPG


Undergraduate Researcher

Laila is a 4th year Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology major with a Bioinformatics minor. She grew up in Massachusetts and moved to the Bay Area in middle school, where she developed a passion for biology and how technology can be used to make sense of biological data. She hopes to pursue a PhD in a translational biological field and eventually be involved in clinical research. When she's not in the lab, Laila enjoys playing the trumpet in the UCLA Bruin Marching Band.



Undergraduate Researcher

Jingya is a forth-year Applied Math UCLA student who interested in Biostatistics. She hopes she can make use of her knowledge to analyze big data in biomedical field. She grew up in Beijing, China and came to California because she loves the weather here.


Lab Alumni


LeAnn Nguyen

Rotation Graduate Student, MBI


Josh Zhang

Rotation Graduate Student, Genetics and Genomics

Sherry Dorosk, Undergraduate Researcher

Casey Torres, Undergraduate Researcher