We are recruiting! 

We have an opening for a post-doctoral candidate. Please see the advertisement here and spread the word! 

If you are a graduate student interested in rotating through the Arboleda Lab, please email varboleda[at]mednet.ucla.edu.


Graduate students must be admitted to UCLA through one of the PhD degree granting programs at UCLA. These include the UCLA-Graduate Program in Biosciences (GPB) and the UCLA-Caltech MSTP program among others. Priority will be given to students with an interest in translational biomedical research. 

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Post-doctoral Fellows

We are always on the lookout for excellent post-doctoral scholar candidates. If you are interested in the type of research we are doing and are ready to challenge yourself, please contact Dr. Valerie Arboleda via varboleda(at)mednet.ucla.edu. Please submit a C.V., a brief statement of research interests, and the name of 3 references to:

Mailing Address:

Dr. Valerie Arboleda
615 Charles E Young Drive South
Biological Sciences Research Building
Address: 310 BSRB
Mail Code 173722
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1732

Undergraduate students are welcome in the lab. However, space is limited. Priority will be given to undergraduates who plan to spend a significant amount of time longitudinally in the lab, for example, by completing summer projects. Please check the availability of funding for summer undergraduate students at the UCLA summer research programs website.